How funny he must look

Anonyme, « One Way to Live Under Water », Domestic Science Monthly, vol. 2-4, 1901, p. 123.

Childrens Departement

« So you want me to tell you about some of the aquatic insects? » said mamma to children, as they sat on the grass by the side of the pond. « Well, I think the grubs of the caddis-fly are some of the most curious and interesting, from the pains they take to build themselves houses.. »
« Well, my dear, I will tell you about these little worms and their habitations. They live under water, where they make for themselves moveable tents, of sand, stones, shells, wood and leaves, skilfully joined and strongly cemented.
« How funny he must look, « said Helen. « I wish I could see him. » « We cannot at present, » said mamma, for they live at the bottom of the pond. Another kind chooses the tiny shells of young, fresh-water mussels and snails to form a moveable grotto. The inhabitants are often inside, but that makes no difference to the little builder, he drags them along, prisoners, without mercy. One of these little worms shows the greatest skill in making a hollow tube the width of a straw or quill in which to live. The tube must be smooth and uniform throughout, yet it is made of small stones, rough and irregular. But the little architects, by patienly examining the stones, and turning them round on avery side, never fail to carry out their plans. Not only the inside, but the under surface of this tube must be flat and smooth, so that he can drag it along with him at the bottom of the rivulet »
« Why does he choose to make his nest of stones » asked Agnes, « since has so much trouble to arrange them?» He seems to be acting, » said mamma, » according to the wonderful instint for self-preservation implanted in him by his great Creator.