Uncle Horace

Forrest Reid, Tom Barber: Young Tom, The Retreat and Uncle Stephen, New York, Pantheon Books, (circa 1940), 1955, p.495.

Where had that boy gone to, then-or was he still somewhere inside Uncle Horace – hidden , shut up as if in a cupboard, frightened to squeak? Tom remembered strange little creatures-caddis worms they were-which he had often fished out of ponds and streams
with a net full of water weeds creatures so thickly encrusted with bits of stick, stone, sand, and shell that you never would have dreamed anything but the protective case existed till the case suddenly began to move. The boy Uncle Horace must be like that. Perhaps not a bad little chap either. In a minute or two Tom began to feel an affection for this small and hitherto unsuspected Uncle Horace. Out of a mysterious limbo he had sprung fully equipped and articulate and was capering about the room, chattering, as lively as a cricket.