These stylish sticks!

Ada & Eleanor Skinner,The Emerald Story Book, New York, Duffield & Company, 1915, p. 265.

«  I am a caddis-worm out for an airing, » said the voice again as the hut reached the edge of the leaf. «  I hope you have no objections. »

« Oh, no ; of course not, » stammered the astonished Hyla. « Only I should like to know if all caddis-worms carry their houses about with them ? »

« This is my overcoat, I’d have you know, » said the caddis, thrusting out his little black head.  « my brother wears one of leaves, my sister wears a sand jacket. But mine is the best fit. »

« May I ask who is your tailor ? » asked the tree-toad. «  It is certainly a remarkable coat. »

«I am my own tailor, » replied the worm. «  A caddis would scorn to have his clothes made for him ; but it is very hard work, I can assure you of that. »

« Would you mind telling me about it ? » inquired the Hyda. « Your coati s a pefect fit ; there isn’t a wrinkle in it. »

« Thank you, » replied the gratified caddis-worm. « You sse, » he went on te explain, «  we always make our coats out of the material at hand. Now, then when I found these stylish sticks I anchored myself to a stone by a bit of silk which I spun from my mouth for we caddis-worms furnish our own thread. Then by the aid of the same silk I wove this handsome coat, bit by bit, making one section at a time, and then slipping my head through and wrigling it down into place. See, I can put out my head and my first three pairs of feet, and so creep where I will. »

« Most remarkable, most remarkable, » drawled the toad, who didn’t believe a word of it. « And did you say your sister wears a jacket of sand ? »

« Oh, yes that is common enough, » answered the caddis. « I have heard that my grand-father, who wore an overcoat of shells, wove into it some tiny ones, each of which was the home of a little living creature, and the porr things had to pick up a living the best way they could. I have also been told that in captivity some of my family have made remarkable coats of gold  dust and crushed glass..