The old house

AnonymeCountry-side: Monthly journal of the B.E.N.A. (British Empire Naturalists), Londres, 1920, p. 60.

The beauty of a bird’s nest lies chiefly in the materials used, and not in the actual method whereby these materials are incorporated. If we take a caddis larva out of its « case » we are not disposed to view its empty home either as a thing of beauty or as an article involving exquisite workmanship. Let us, however, retain this caddis case while we provide the late tenant with a few small and delicately coloured beads, and in course of time let us hold the old house and the newly constructed one in our hands. We will then see how easy it is to draw wrong conclusions. If birds built their nests of disagreable materials the workmanship would by the same, but the result would not be accorder much praise.