In shallow water

Anonyme, « Weekly Gossip », Fanciers’ Journal and Poultry Exchange,Philadelphie, vol. II, n° 50, 16 décembre 1875, p. 721.

N.H.-The insect you describe as affording you so much sport by its curious antics, in your aquarium, is undoubtedly, the larva of the Caddis fly ( Phryganea Grandis), a very curious worm that constructs a covering for itself out of bits of gravels, or shreds of reed. This affords protection for its soft body, which otherwise would be quickly devoured by the voracious fishes. When danger threatens, Cad draws his head within doors and rests secure; without some large fish gulps, it down, house and all, and even this it guards against by keeping in shallow water. Caddis worms are considered excellent bait for fish.