The savage devises his water jars generations

Anonyme, Proceedings and report of Council of Education, California Teachers Association, 1898 p. 263 & The School Journal, vol. 56, New York, E.L. Kellogg & Co, 1898, p. 185.

.spider spins his chimney and adjusts a trap-door more delicately than ever a machinist made a valve in brass.
The caddis-worm, in the beds of brooks and ponds, makes himself an overcoat of sticks or pebbles, cemented together by his own secret device. Making comes before drawing, as col. Parker has reiterated from the outset. The savage devises his water jars generations before he bethinks to decorate them.
Drawing comes next. It makes its appearance first as a makeshift, where concrete expression happens to be out of the question. It is only a descriptive gesture.