An admirable illustration of the instinct

Anonyme, “The aquarium Fresh Water Vegetation,” Cassell’s Household Guide Being A Complet Encyclopedia Domestic and Social Economy, vol. I, Londres, 1877, p. 64.

May-fly, and may be found in the shallows of rivers and streams. With minute pieces of twigs, grains of sand, and other obtainable materials, these worms construct grotto-like nests, the particles of which they fasten together by means of silken threads, secreted in the same manner as in the silk-worm. The methodical, careful, and business-like way in which the caddis builds its dwelling affords an admirable illustration of the instinct possessed by the insect tribe; and the operation may be easily observed in the aquarium, by the use of an ordinary magnifying glass placed on the outside near the spot where the creature is at work.