The marvel

Anonyme, The Architect and Contract Reporter, Londres, vol. 72, 7 octobre 1904, p. 236.

But these are but surface drawbacks-the rasp of the vinegar which whets the appetite for the mellows smoothness of the honey. Choose a nook near a dyke among the rich sprinnging grass, where the cattle do not crop and the wild flowerws run riot; Watch the humming, buzzing, fluttering insect life that swarms in the still air filling the sloping banks above the low stream; mark with bated breath and rigid limb the wary daring of a soft-furred water vole as he glances, bright-eyed and alert, at the intruder, and cautiously steals away in foraging intent; peer minutely into the clear water where the sun strikes with irradiating beam, and note the quick play of water-boatman and diving-spider, the sudden tragedy of fly and fish, the marvel of the caddis-worm and his house you shall not count a ramble on Pevensey Level as a lost day.