Caddis-fly architecture

AnonymeThe Oxford Magazine: a weekly newspaper and review, Oxford, vol. 3, 1962, p. 198. 

Finally, there is the new building to be put up for Exeter, another needlessly clever design, with a tower, and with seven types of window on the Broad Street facade alone. Two types, at most, were needed. But the architects have deliberately sought a patchwork effect I call this caddis-fly architecture ». We are here in the world of the Randolph Hotel. The caddis-fly style is really a special case of the English pettiness denounced above. Every Grecian must detest the parody in the Exeter design of a triglyph frieze, and its uncanonical use as a parapet-wall. I also wonder how the windowsills of the hexagonal windows will appear after a few years of streaking rainwater.