One of the cases in his hand

Anonyme, The Parent’s Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction, Londres, Smith, Elder and Co., 1859, p. 174-176.

« What makes those little pieces of stick move about un your net, Alfred ? » said Charles.« Oh, they are only the caddis-worms, » answered Alfred, carelessly. « The boys bait their lines with them for angling. »

« I see no worms, » replied Charles, » they look to me like little bundles of sticks moving about of themselves. What are they, mamma? »
« Alfred has told you the right name of the insect that moves those little sticks, » said Mrs Long. « Take up one of the little bundles in your hand, my dear, and you will see that it is a little hollow case, and that the insect lives within it. In dragging about its house the caddis-worm only puts out the head, so that amongst the mud in the net you did not observe it. »
« Oh, now I see his little brown head, mamma, » said Charles, as he took one of the cases in his hand. « How does he make his house? and can he get out? »
« He can go in and out when he likes, » said Mrs Long; « and when he finds he has grown too large for it, he makes another. First, he makes a little case of silk, open at each end, and covers it with small pieces of rush, or wood, or straw, which he bites to the right length. He does not always use the same materials, for sometimes he makes the case with sand, small stones, or even little shells ; but however rough the outside of his house may be, the inside is always smooth. When he is going to change into the chrysalis state, in which he neither eats nor moves, he crawls on some plant that grows above the water, and fastens his case to one of the leaves ; then he carefully closes the two openings of the case by a thick net-woork of silk, which allows the water to pass freely through, but prevents the entrance of his ennemies. As he takes care to place himself near the surface of the water, he can easily escape when his great change arrives. »
« What does he change to, mamma? » said Charles.
« To a large four-winged insect, » said Alfred, « with four transparent wings. Does he not, mamma ? I think you showed me one hovering near the candle one evening last summer. »