This quaint creature

Anonyme, « Stream and Pond life », The Meccano Magazine, vol. XVII, n°8, Liverpool, août 1932, p. 576-577.

Many other small creatures may come into the net and it is extremely interesting to watch them and their habits. The Caddis Worm, the grub of the Caddis-fly, has a special interest.

This quaint creature will be found crawling along the botton of the pond, safely housed in its tube-like dwelling. This portable house is constructed by the creature from tiny pieces of plants, shells, sand, etc. , na dit alone saves him from being devoured by the other inmates of the pond, for his plump soft body is a tempting morsel ! The various building materials are fastened together by the help of a sticky secretion that hardens to a kind of silk on exposure to the air, the owner clinging tenaciously to the inside of his house by means of small hooks at the extremity of his body.

It is an interesting fact thay, whatever material is used, the creatre usually manages to make its house of the same specific gravity as the water, so that it has no difficulty in moving about the pond. When the time of change arrives, the worm abandons its house and seeks the shore. The skin then splits and the perfect fly emerges. This is not swift on the wing, but it runs quickly. Provided that sufficient plant life is present, theCaddis-worm will live well in the aquarium and if taken out of its case will promptly proceed to build a new one.