Some select four of five pieces

The Naturalist’s Diary for august 1824 Time’s Telescope for 1824. A complete Guide to The Almanach, Londres. Sherwood, Jones and Co., 1824, p. 234.

Much amusement may be derived, in the month from searching for insects among the weeds thrown up in clearing ponds. Among these will be found the larvae of the phryganea, or caddis-fly. It inhabits the bottom of ponds. Their constructions is very various. Some select four of five pieces of leaves of grass, which they glue together into a shapely polygonal case; others employ portions of the stems of rushes placed side by side so as to form an elegant fluted cylinder ; some arrange round them pieces of leaves like a spiral-rolled riband; others form their abode of minute pieces of wood. The case of p. binaculta is pyriform, ans is less artificially constructed of a mixture of mud and sand. The perfect insect resembles the moth: it has four wings, and the body of some has two long projecting bristles.