We silently placed the netting

Arthur Christoher Benson,Life and Letters of Maggie Benson, Londres, John Murray, 1917, p. 37

« We silently placed the netting with the caddis-worms and water-snails in the basin, and extracted the tadpoles from the spar. We had not got the heart to arrange and clean out the aquarium, and it lay there empty, with the spar and pebbles scattered over the cobbled yard.

« Later in the morning we came back again, and arrange dit as usual. As our heads were bent together over it, while we placed the pebbles at the bottom. I saw two larges tears roll from her eyes on to the red earthenware rim of the bowl, and when we had finished, we both looked at the little drain-hole where the stickleback had vanished, and our eyes met.