Do any animal dress ?

John R. Baker, Biology in Everyday Life, Ferring Worthing, Baker Press (1933) 2007, p. 25-26.

Let us get dressed. Do any animal dress? That all depend on what one calls dressing. By dressing, I mean on what one calls dressing. By dressing, I mean putting a bit of the environment on oneself for protection. Certainly there are animals that do that. The Caddis-worm is an obvious example. You have probably seem him. He lives at the bottom of ponds. He is the larva of the caddis-fly, but you do not often see caddis-flies. That is because caddis-flies are dull-coloured and do not often fly about. They prefer to remain hidden. The larva or caddis-worm takes tiny bits of vegetable matter or grains of sand and makes a little tube out of them in which he lives. My clothes are sewn together. The caddis-worm does not exactly sew, but there is a tropical ant called Oecophylla which pratically sews.