Mr Caddis worm has a very soft little body

Florence Bass, Nature stories for young readers: animal life, Boston, D.C. Heath & Co., 1895, p. 51-53.

A little builder

Here is a picture of a queer little house in the water.
The little builder live insides.
He is called a Caddis Worm.
Do you see his funny little house?
It is made of tiny shels and stones.
Mr. Caddis Worm has a very soft little body.
He could not live long in the water without his house.
A hungry fish would soon find him.
What can he do? He must find a safe place to live.
Perhaps he has seen Mr. Snail with his house on his back. He sees what a good thing that is.
But nohouse has been given to Mr Caddis Worm.
Perhaps ha has heard how Mr. Basket Worm has made a house for himself.
He may think: « Well, I can do that myself. »
He has a harder task than Mr Basket Worm.
He has to build right in the water.
He picks up little shells or bits of stone, or, whatever he can find.
He sticks yhem together with a kind of glue he makes himself.
He begins his house when he is very little.
As he grows bigger, he must keep adding to it.
He fastens a little silken door over the end of his house.
Can you guess what goes on Inside of that house.
Perhaps you can if you look at the picture.
Yes, he flies away; for when he comes out, he has wings. Then he is called a Caddis Fly.
I am glad he has such pretty wings.
He worked so hard to make his house, I think he ought to have a good time now.