Uncomfortable without any clothes

Mrs Battersby, ” The Young Insect-Hunter”, The Children’s Own Magazine, 1869.

Henry also wants to find a few caddis-worms, and when he takes them home he will fill a glass jar with water and put some small red and blue and white beads into it; then he will gently take out the little creatures from their shell, or stick, or straw cases, and put them into the water. After a time the poor little “cads” (feeling very uncomfortable without any clothes, I suppose) will be wise enough to “cut their coats according to their cloth,” or, in their case, to take to beads when they cannot find shells. They will make pretty coloured cases, which will look very droll moving about in the water, till some bright day only the case remains; for the little workman has become a fly with four long brown wings, and is resting on the parlour window, ready to say with the caged starling, “ I can’t get out.”