It is an excellent bait for Trout, Roach, Dace or Chub

Charles Bowlker, Art of Angling, Londres, Procter & Jones, 1826, p. 125.


The Cod-bait, or Cad, is principally to be found at the sides of gravelly or stony brooks, on the bottom, in small husks composed of sand; the largest are most fit for use, and which generally adhere to the stones. This insect produces the Stone Fly, and is about three quarters of an inch in length; it is an excellent bait for Trout, Roach, Dace, or Chub, from the middle of May till june. The line for this purpose should be fine, and a N° 4 hook leaded on the shank; when you bait with it, you must carefully break the case in which it is enclosed; put two on, one to cover the leaded shank of the hook, and the other to cover the point and bend.