The Agony and the ego

Clare BoylanThe Agony and the ego: the art and strategy of fiction writing explored, Rutherford New Jersey, Penguin, 1994.

A kind of nest for security and for inspiration: call it squirrelling, or jackdaw-picking, but when I saw a photograph of a caddis fly in a book of my son’s called Animal Builders, I recognized a kindred spirit. Here was this ungainly creature, covered in bric-a-brac, lumbering along with a jacket of scavengings, patched all aroud its body. However, caddis fly hoarding isn’t by any means sufficient to the task of making a story; the talismans and aide-memoires have to connect to the central body, to its movement, its character, its meaning.

Page 30.

want them all, too: Lightness , Quickness, Exactitude and so on. But i would add, to the bundle of picking in mey caddis-fly cocoon: Sexuality, Richness, Humour, Anger, Doubt and Mercy.
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