Royal blossoms

Frances Freeling Broderip, Chrysal or a Story with an End, Londres, Saunders, Otley and Co., 1861, p. 13.

The brook was edged with plants and flowers, among which the tender blue eyes of the dear « forget me not » smiled cheerfully up like the loving gaze of a little child.
And in cunning hiding-places among the roots of the rushes and sedges, lurked merry troops of young tadpoles, who frisked about and kept the water in incessant motion like a set of frolicsome yugsters as they were, upon whom the cares and anxieties of the world had not yet come. Meanwhile the more sober caddis worm nibbled their watereress with contented minds, and went on building their houses with all the gravity of wisdom and mature, age, upon whom delvoves all the responsability of housekeping. On the botom of the water the silver and golden lilies opened their waxen chalices, nestling in among the broad green leaves, and floatting like royal blossoms on the quiet breast of the stream.