With wonderful patience

Henry D. Butler, The Family Aquarium, New York, Dick & Filzgerald, 1858.

The Caddis-Worms are the larva stages of the various species of the
Phryganea. The angler is well acquainted with it, as it makes its home in
running streams and resides in a grotto or cell which it constructs around
its person while awaiting its metamorphosis into a winged creature. With
wonderful patience it collects very small shells and stones to form a
tube-like dwelling, which is about the size of a wheat-straw; and having
cemented them together, and rendered the whole quite smooth inside, as well
as at the bottom, he drags himself along the bed of the tank, with his house
about him, or else adds a piece of light wood to his habitation, and floats
up nearer to the surface.