Travels in the interior of South Africa

James Chapman, Travels in the interior of South Africa comprising fifteen years hunting and trading, vol. II, Londres, Bell & Daldy, 1868, p. 100.

July 4
Sechelli, who embraced Christianity, has given one of his daughters in mariage to Lechulatebe ; from which it appears that old native customs cannot entirely be dispensed with. This makes Lechulatebe’s seventh wife no living.
That singular insect, the caddis worm, abound in this country in a variety of forms. They make their houses either of sticks, glued together, or of pebbles, sands, and prickly grasses The inside is lined with a silky web. Wherever they go they drag their houses with them. The sort encased in prickly grasses are poisonous to cattle when eaten by them .