Charlotte Sister& Ethel Isabella Sister, Kindergarten teaching in home, Londres, T.C. & E. C. Jack, 1912, p. 72-73.

Sometimes he went into a still corner, and watched the caddis-worms eating dead sticks as greedily as you would eat plumpudding, building their houses is very clever . There are plenty of caddis-worms in the stream on the common, and you shall go down there this afternoon, and we will catch some. This caddis that Tom was watching stuck a little piece of wood on, and then a pebble, and then a shell, and then another bit of wood, and last she found a long straw five times as long as herself, and said, «  hurrah ! I’ll have a tail for my sister has one too,’ and she stuc kit on her back and marched about very proudly. And to stick a long straw on your back for a tail became the fashion amongst the caddises in that stream that summer, and ever so manny of them did it, and Tom watched them.

One day Tom found a caddis and wanted it to peep out of its house, but its house door was shut. What do you think Tom did ? It was very bad and meddlesome of him, but he pulled the door open to see what the caddis was doing inside. What a shame ! We should not alike anyone to pull our bedroom door open and see where we were in bed. The fairies were very sorry when they saw Tom do that, but they did not say anything to him, because the queen of the fairies had forbidden it ; and afterwards Tom learnt better. Tom broke the door to pieces. It was made of the prettiest little grating of silk, stuck all over with shining bits of crystal, and when he looked in the caddis poked out her head.