Oh my poor

C. H. C., « Caddis talk », Unity, Chicago, vol. XIII, n° 5, 1 mai 1884, p. 97.

« Oh, my poor, dear little unprotected things! » cried she, Turtle, who likes nothing  better than Caddises for luncheon. »

« Oh, dear, how dreadful! » cried the little creatures; « but, ma’am we never can manage such great sticks ! »

« And they make a most awkward coat, catching on everything, » said another large caddis, coming up to the group; «  you should not fasten them round your body, but lengthwise, like mine, and fill in the spaces between with bits of bark and moss. »

« Sand makes much the best coat, » said a bright looking little fellow, coming up to see what was going on; «  it is strong and neat, and very unwholesome for turtles to eat, and it should taper at one end, like mine. »

« And the upper side should over your head, » said a fouth Caddis, « so that you cannot be seen when walking on the sandy bottom of the brook. » A dark-eyed little creature , in a slender black gown, suggested that she found silk much the best material- it was smooth and light, and yet stiff enough to keep anything from hurting her, and the turtle and crawfish mistook it for a bit of twig. Here all the other Caddises cried out that their evercoats were lined with silk, but they did not think it all safe to have the outside of the same fine material.

« It is absurd to wear such stiff heavy clothes, » cried a large Caddis, whose yellow face, striped with black, gave him a very ferocious look; just let me show you how I make mine out of pieces of leaves sewed together at the edges. It weighs nothing, can easily be repaired when torn, and does not interfere with the fastened walking. » But the little Caddises were so frightened by the fierce looks of the new-comer that they hid in a crack in the rock. The larger ones hastened off in various directions, for they, too, were afraid of the savage striped-face, who as the Caddis-worms had all disappeared, gave chase to a young dragon-fly larva, which he thought might make him a good breakfast.