Six specimens

L. W. Clarke, «  Angling etc. », The Field Naturalist, vol. 1, Londres, Orr & Smith, 1833, p. 512. 

I have since thought of mentioning to you that I have taken this summer six specimens of a curious architect, that you do not mention in your work, a caddis worm, with an onisius-shaped envelope, formed of small particles of sand cemented together; many of a spiral cylindric kind formed of grass; and one of small grains of sand, like a horn, open at one end and broader at the other, slightly bent or curved. At the end of the cylindric ones is  a sort of net-work, with mesheslike bobbin-net, about 01 wide; they burrow into decayed branches of tress, etc. under water, and there assume the pupa state. I found some hundreds of the mpty cases in a poll recently drained.