If you could capture one

William J. Claxton, Round the year with nature, Londres, The Waverley Books, 1911, pp. 218-219.

Other interesting creatures of the pond are the Caddis-fly and May-fly. The former comes from a little grub or worm which had been down on the mud in the pond lying in a small case of sticks, etc. Had you seen this movable tent- for the grub is able to move about at will- you would probably have mistaken it for a tiny pieces of dead twig or rush. One end of the cases is left open so that the grub is able to put its head outside and obtain food.
It is quite possible for you to see a Caddis-grub building its own house. If you could capture one and place it in a glass jar with a few tiny beads of various colours, it would probably use these beads in making its pretty little home. The beads would be fimrly cemented by a sticky material prepared by the grub itself.