Arranged longitudinally

L. D. Cleare, « Insect homes » Georgetown (Guyana), Timehri : the journal of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society of British Guiana, vol. V, 1918, p. 45.

Different from all the homes we have studied are those of the Caddis flies (Order Trichoptera) for here we have subaquatic dwellings, the earlier stages of these insects being passed under water. Both the type of dwellin and the material used difter according to genera, some of the simpler forms covering themselves with bits of stick arranged longitudinally and held together by silken threads, while other forms arrange the bits of stick horizontally and even cover them with moss and snails, both dead and living. Other forms again make their homes of stones ; all however keep the material from which the home is erected together by means of silken threads.