Indusia Comminuta & Sequoiae

Theodore Dru Allison Cockerel, « Tertiary Insects from Kudia River, Maritime Province Siberia », Washington, Proceedings of the United States National Museum vol 68, art 5. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1925.

Family Limnephilidae

Indusia Comminuta, new species

Plate 2, fig. 12

Case cylindrical, straight, about 8 mm. long and 3 wide, ar first sight appearing as if made of sand grains, but under the microscope seen to be covered with minute irregular vegetable fragments, not so closely disposed as to hide the entire surface. Only in one case is avery small short piece of Sequoia leaf employed. Some specimens are distinctly narrower at one end. Very abundant in Tertiary of Kudia River, Siberia. The name Indusia is employed for caddis-cases which cannot be referred to a definitive genus. The reference of this and the next to Limnephilidae is provisional.

Holotype.-Cat.N° 69599, U.S.N.M.


Indusia Sequoiae, new species

Plate 2, fig. 13

Case cylindrical, straight, about 18 mm. Long and 6 wide, composed of vegetable fragments, mainly short pieces of leaves of Sequoia langsdorfii, arranged irregularly, but obliquely transverse. Tertiary of Kudia River, Siberia.

Holotype.-Cat. N° 69595. U.S.N.M.