It will at once set to work to build another home

Maurice Colbeck, « An Insect Aquarium,Widen Your Interest in Aquatic Life by Making a Cabinet the Smaller Creatures », Water Life and Aquarium World, Londres, avril-mai 1957, p. 64.

Investigating Caddis Larvae

Perhaps the most interesting of these is the cruciform caddis larva, which makes a cylindrical shell by gluing around its body tiny stones and straws. Its unprotected body is soft and white and absolutely defenceless. Fishes regard it as a delicacy and it is often used as bait by anglers. The little insect will be torn in two rather than allow itself to be pulled from its case. There is one method of ejecting it, however and this by poking it gently with a straw through the aperture at the rear of the shell. If it is thus deprived of its armour and is provided with materials small enough, it will at once set to work to build another home.