Natural glue

Mather Cotton, The Christian Philosopher (1721), Édition de Winton U. Solberg, University of Illinois Press, 2000.

There is a natural Glue afforded by the Bodies of several to consolidate their Work. The Wasps have this, as well as the Tinea Vestivora (93) the Cadew-worm, (94) and several others; what Goedart also observes of his Eruca, this can be by some darted out at pleasure, and woven into silken Balls.

(94) The cadew worm, also know as the caddis-worm, in the larva of caddis fly, any member of the order Trichoptera. Caddis fly larva occur in various types of aquatic habitats-ponds, lakes and stream. Casemaking larvar make little houses of leaves, twigs, sand, pebbles, or other materials which are fastened together with silk or cemented. Many casemakers are plant feeders. Some species spin silk nets from modified salivary glands and feed on the materials caught in the neets.