Decoration lost all structural meaning

Colin Metcalfe Enriquez, A Burmese Wonderland: a Tale of Travel in Lower and Upper Buma, Calcutta, Thacker, Spink & Co., 1922.

Like cadis worm, Kaw women collect all sorts of strange rubbish to put on their heads. Their bonnet is a weird collections of beads, feathers, straw…


Round French windows, ghastly draped urns from English cemeteries, Italian angels, heraldic symbols, are there thrust upon Burmese architecture as a cadis-worm adds refuse to her house. Decoration lost all structural meaning. It was just stuck on for effect. Pillars and arches fulfilled no purpose. Masses of brick-work were piled on wooden supports. Their structural stupidity has brought these buidings to early ruin. An architecture so depraved has..