Each species

Vlad EvanoffNatural Fresh Water Fishing Baits, New York, A. S. Barnes and Company, 1952, pp. 55-56.

It is their larvae which are used as bait and are know as stickbaits, stickworms, reedamites, caseworms, barnacle, caddis worms and caddis creepers depending on the kind of case they make and where they are found. For there are a great many species of caddis flies found in the streams and lakes of the country. Each species builds a special kind of case. Some use tiny sticks, stones, sand or leaves which they cement together with a secretion from their mouths. The larva or worm is a whitish-looking grub with six legs and a dark head which builds the case around itself for protection. Those with portable cases drag them around when moving from one place to anoyher. But others build stationary cases which are firmly attache to rocks. Caddis larvae feed on vegetation and animal matter and those species which are the largest in size make the best baits.