A funny little house

Florence Bass, Wendy Kramer & Julia Wright, Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book, Arlington Heights, Illinois, Christian Liberty Press, 1996, p. 41-42.

The Caddis worm

Many insects live in amazing life. One of these is the caddisworm, which is the larva of the caddis fly. He has a funny little house. It is made of tiny shells and stones or leftover parts of plants. The caddisworm has a very soft little body. He could not live long in the water without his house. A hungry fish would love to eat him !
The caddis worm needs a safe place to live. God made him in a special way. He can build his own home . He had to build it right in the water. He spicks up little shells or bits of stone, or whatever he can find. He sticks them together with silk. He makes the silk himself. It works like glue. It holds his home together.
The caddis larva begins his house when he is very little. As he grows bigger, he must keep adding to it. One day, he is ready ti change. Hep ut a little silk door on the end of his house. He stays inside while his body changes. Soon he is no longer a « worm » . He grows wings. Then he is called a caddis fly.