Change the water often

Edna Abigail Foster, Something to do-boys! A book for wide-awake boys, Boston, W.A. Wilde, 1916, pp. 236-237.

A Builder of Under-Water Houses. A strange house builder is « the worm » or larva of caddice-fly. He is found crawling over the bottoms of all our brooks, dragging his house aling with him. Take a small pail, some time in the fall before it gets cold and search for him. He will be there all winter, but it will be more comfortable getting him earlier ;
if the brook flows fast, you will prabably find them in stone houses, made of little pebbles stuck together. These are about one-eight of an inch in diameter and an inch long.
Bring home a few of each kind and putt hem in glass jars. Always keep them in a cold place, but not where the water will freeze solid. Change the water often, and if you can, get brook water. Take out one the caddice-worm, and very gently remove the case by breaking open the end opposite hi shed. Look closely at the inside of this case. The pebbles are fastened together with silk that the little fellow spins. When you have removed the case place the worm back in the water at once. Now get some find sand or pebbles and put them in the water with him , and see if he will build another house for himself from these pebbles.