Kaank ta, ha a ntanga ë ?

Francis Fleming, Southern Africa : A Geography and natural history of the country colonies, and inhabitants, Londres, Arthur Hall, 1856, p. 181.

They are also reported as venerating the caddisworm. They style it N’go, and in times of extremity or famine, they pray to it for relief. We here insert a short specimen of one of their prayers, rendered in the dialect of the Baroas ; it is as follows :-

« Kaank ta, ha a ntanga ë ? Kaang ta, ‘gnu o kna a sé’gè. Itanga’ kogu ’koba hu ; i’konté, i’kagé, itanga i’kogu’ koba hu ; ‘kaang ta, ‘gnu a kna a sé’gè.

The interpretation is thus :-

« Lord, is it that thou dos not like me ? Lord, lead to me a male gnu. I like much to have my belly filled ; my oldest son, my oldest daughter, like much to have their bellies filled, Lord, bring a male gnu under my darts. »