Louisa Parsons HopkinsHow Shall My Child be Taught? Practical Pedagogy, Or The Science of Teaching Illustrated, BostonLee and Shepard, 1887, p. 246.

Parable VII.

I heard a man say that the baby was dead and would never know anything again. I could not believe it, for I saw the corn growing out of the quiet seeds, – a new life out of the old ; I saw the dragon-fly which broke forth from the dead grub-case where it had been hidden during the grub’s life ; I also saw the butterfly spred its wings from the lifeless chrysalis ; and so I was sure that the dead should come to life, perhaps to a different life, a more beautiful life, with new and more perfect bodies of which we cannot conceive now ; but of this I am sure, that the truths of God in nature are but pictures or images of His truth in the unseen universe, and the butterfly is God’s word for Resurrection.