Used by it parents

K. MacPherson, The pond : a world in miniature, Melbourne, Lenehan & Shrimpton, 1967, p. 19

Immediately the Caddis-worm hatches, it commences to build a «  case » as a protective covering. Firstly it spins a silken tube using liquid from glands in its mouth. It then ciovers this with pieces of leaf, sticks, stones, grains of sand and sometimes even little tiny snails. In fact you will find many different kinds of material being used by the various Caddis-worms. An interesting fact is that the young worm uses the same materials to build its case as those used by it parents when they were worms.

It can be great fun making a collection of these interesting and varied homes of the Caddis-worm. Keep some of the larvae in your aquarium. If you carefully remove one from its home you will see that it immediately commences to build another. It may now use any material that is available, so try placing tiny coloured beads in the aquarium.