The same general plan

Martin E. Mosely, The Dry-Fly Fisherman’s Entomology, Londres, George Routledge & Sons, 1921, pp. 43-44.

The caddis case of the larva is usually composed of pieces of broken shells, and the figure here given has been drawn from a caddis which was reared in my aquarium, in which the soil covering the bottom was composed of a variety of material. The grating made by the larva for the purpose of sealing the caddis case when about to pupate, varies very considerably in the method of construction from that made by species of others familles notably the Seristomatidae, and I show this grating in Fig. 15. Limnophilus rhombicus, another species in the same genus, make a grating very similar in design, shown in Fig. 16 and I have little doubt that further investigation will prove that most, if not all, species of a particular genus make gratings on the same general plan.