Like a small white sausage

Olive Beaupré Miller, Through fairy halls of my book house, Chicago, Book House for Children, 1937, p. 188.

But there was one little creature who knew how to play a trick and escape the pirate beetle. That was the caddis worm, the grub of the caddis fly. The little caddis worm not only made its own clothes out of sticks and other material; it even made a traveling house out of an empty snail’s shell. And when it was wrapped in sticks and protected in the shell, it floated around on the ponds hiding from pirate beetles. Those beetles lurked in the rocks, waiting to catch their prey, and when one of the terrible pirates spied the floating house which hid a caddis worm , he popped out and seized it fiercely, trying to rip it open by tearing off shells and sticks. But, while he was thus busy, the little caddis worm slipped out the door of its house, all unnoticed by the pirate. Looking like a small white sausage, it slipped between his legs, passed safely under his fangs and madly fled away. Then didn’t the pirate look silly when he found how he had been tricked !