The popular novelist

Katy Price, Loving Faster Than light, romances and Readers in Einstein’s Universe, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 2012, p. 142-143.

Release a world into common use, she muses, and « it at once begins to collect associative meanings as a caddis-worm collects sticks and shells. Once the journalist, the popular novelist and the cocktail-party chatterer have a got hold of it, it becomes so damaged by downright mishandling as to be perilous in any argument. « The caddis-worms habits of language were not confined to the popular press, and Sayers found it » fascinating to see how even with an educated writer like Eddington, who has actually begub by defining ’substance’ more or less correctly, a sort of aura or flavour of  ‘solidity’ still clings about the world.