A magic and mysterious world

Michael Rothenstein, Michael Rothenstein, Drawing and Paintings aged 4-9,1912-1917, Londres, Redstone Press, 1986

Such play can lead to curiosity about water in all its forms. Rothenstein describes how his childhood drawings of fish and aquatic forms originated from my staring into streams and ponds around the house: I found that to crouch peering into a pool at the varnished brown and olive green of gravel and stones and the electric greennesss of pond-wedd was to look into a crystal clear mirror of a magic and mysterious world.

Suddenly, as you watched, a water-beetle would streack across the water’s surface, or an armoured caddis worm lumber across the gravel down below. The other source of this imagery was a large of this imagery was a large square glass aquarium shared by my two sisters. It contained water snails, sticklebacks, minnows and newts: creatures that came and went in continual movement.