His Venetian palaces in twilight

Bernhard Sickert, « Modern painters’ in 1906 », Burlington Magazine, vol. 9, Londres, avril-septembre 1906.

Le Sidaner is a capital exponent of what we may call the scientific school, headed by Claude Monet. His Venetian palaces in twilight are built up by an infinite number of small strokes, faithfully following every gradation of colour, in positive mixtures. If the artist is determined to record every nuance of tint as it happened to be at a certain moment, that of course is the only way to do it. Any general plan of the building, any preparation in monochrome or dead colouring, would be useless, since the colour would obliterate them. But work of any delicacy or finish (and Le Sidaner’s delicacy is marvellous) can thus only be achieved by a style that infinitely little, the nibbling of a mouse, the nest-building of a caddis-worm.