A similar freakish rococo

Francis Sparshott, « The Structure of Aesthetic », The Tamarack Review n° 30 : 69-73 University of Toronto Press, 1964.

It is true that he demonstrate a sort of order in the mutual relations of the problems of aesthetic and their possible solutions but his standards of what constitues orderliness are low. Bits of the ramshackle edifice he builds up seem to be tied on with string or crammed at the last minute into chinks accidentally left empty, ad though the late Rube Goldberg had collaborated with a caddis grub (A similar freakish rococo occasionally breaks out in his prose, which is sporadically planted with dark brushy sentences hundg all round with festoons of subordinate clauses, like Christmas-tree lights). The author here follows the precedent of his previous book, where a systematic numbering of sections ….