Another curiosity

Anna Barlett Warner, « Our Latest Educational Appliance », Good Housekeeping, vol. 34, n°3, Springfield  (Massassuchets),  The Pelps Publishing Co., 1902, p. 205.  

The caddis cases were another curiosity. The ice was hardly gone from the surface of the pond when the net brought them from the bottom of the shallows. They were about an inch long-queer little houses made of sticks or the liniest pebbles, cemented together. I strongly suspect but I am not quite sure, that their tenants have altogether too animated and indiscriminate appetites to be kept in an aquarium in large numbers.

Lastly, the larvae of a few May flies and of three precious dragon flies-the most grotesque and interesting of all-were put in with scores of tiny, active, black polliwogs, these giving the glass the appearance of having been caught out in a shower of them. However, in less than a week there was not a poliwog left to wiggle !

The small newts  were next missed, and it was soon discovered that the snail and caddis shells were all empty. Twice a week we fed the fish with raw beef cut..