Reservoirs of the U.R.S.S.

V.I. Zhadin & S.V. Gerd , Fauna and flora of the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs of the U.R.S.S., Washington D.C., Smihsonian Inst, 1963, p. 92.

The cases of glyphothelia pellucida is flat, consisting of accurately cut, round, tile-shaped fragments of brown leaves. Many caddis flies use sand and gravel particles to make their cases. The cases of Leptoceridae are made of small quartz sand grains and resemble arrow quivers. The slightly curved case of Stenophylax stellatus, made of colored sand grains and fine gravel, resembles a mosaic. The predatory larbae of Molanna attach to their cases wide wings made of sand which support the larvae in the curent.