Perfect marvels of taste and ingenuity

Anonyme, The Christian Miscellany and Family Visiter, Londres, John Mason, 1883, p. 274.

Nearly allied to the larva of the dragon-fly are certain other forms of larva-life. I will name two only. The caddis-flies are first caddis-worms, whose homes are often perfect marvels of taste and ingenuity. I have often found them built of reeds cut into equal lenghts, and laid cunningly across anda cross. Others construct handsome palaces of delicate little shells of planorbis or of minue bivalves. Others build up round cases like the watch-towers of the « brik-maker ». the may-fly or ephemera-so called because it lives but a single day-comes from a curious little larva which is so transparent that you can see….