An incorrigible kidnapper

Anonyme, « The Caddis Larva », Science-Gossip, 1° avril 1866, Londres, 1867, p. 93.

The Caddis Larva is an incorrigible kidnapper, seizing on any shell that may suit its purpose, without troubling itself about the inhabitant. It is quite a common occurrence to find four or five living specimens of the Planorbis or Limnae affixed to the case of a caddis larva, and to see the inhabitants adhering to the –plants and endeavouring to proceed in one direction, whilst the caddis is traying to walk in another, thus recalling the well-know episode of the Tartar and his captor. In these cases the cylindrical body is made of sand and small fragments of shells bound together with a waterproff cement, and the shells are attached by their flat sides to the exterior.- Homes Without Hands.