Diploma of honor

Anonyme, Special report by the Bureau of Education. Educational exhibits and conventions at the World’s industrial and cotton centennial exposition, New Orleans 1884-85, part. I , catalogue of exhibits, Washington, Government printing office, 1886 , p. 217

List of Awards-States of the Union
Woman’s Department
Diploma of honor
Miss C.H. Clarke, Boston, Mass : Collection of caddis, cases, flies, and larvae, with a published account.

Cora H. Clarke a publié également deux articles :
« Caddis-worms of Stony Brook », Psyche 6, Cambridge, Cambridge Entomological Club, 1891, p. 153-158.
« Description of two interesting houses made by native caddis-fly larvae. » Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History , Boston, vol 22. 1882, p, 67-71.