Requires a little correction

Robert Holland, « Animated Horsehairs » Notes and Queries a Medium of  Entercommunication for Literary Men, General Readers, etc., 9 octobre, Londres, 1886, p. 293-294.

There is a statement in Miss Busk’s last communication on this subjet which requires a little correction, namely that the parent of the caddis-worm constructs a « wondrous mosaic cylinder » as a nursery for its offspring. A « wondrous mosaic cylinder « it undoubtedly is: but it is entirely constructed by the caddis-worm itself, and not by the parent fly. The caddis-fly deposits its eggs on some aquatic plant, where in due time they are hatched, and the young larvae at once begin collecting materials for their nests.

Whilts writing the above I am reminded of another natural history error that I have seen perpetuated in print.