With you magnifying glass

Anonyme, « Chumming with nature, The girl’s page for may », The Youth’s Companion, vol. 88, n° 19, 7 mai, Boston, 1914, p. 248.

With you magnifying glass, examine that tiny green ballon moored to a bit of old wood; you may find that it holds caddis-fly larvae, each with well-developped jaws, very red eyes, and three pairs of long, spiny legs. Take it home, and put it in a glass jar full of water. In a few days, the young caddis worms will leave their nest, and begin to collect bits of material, and cement them into coverings for their bodies. If you put fine sand into the dish they will perhaps form the grains into little tubular houses, and thus prove that they belong to the stone-mosan clan of their race.
Other varieties of caddis-fly larvae that live in deep, still water build houses of bits of wood and straw. One species places the material much as woodsmen place the logs in a log house.