Accusated of eating trout eggs

Frank Buckland, “On fish hatching”, Journal of the Society of Arts, 11 mars, Londres, 1864.

The common water shrimp also has been accused of eating the eggs of fish, but I am beginning to think, from experiments I have made, that he is harmless, and purely a vegetable feeder. The Caddis worm has also been accused of eating trout eggs, but Miss Smee, the daughter of Mr. Aflred Smee, surgeon to the Bank of England, has tried experiments with the Caddis worm. Causing them to build their houses with coloured glass, amethyst, gold, silver, brass, &c., Miss Smee gave her Caddis worms some trout eggs, to see what they would do; they did not attempt to eat them, but simply made use of them to build their houses. Curious sight it must have been to see a Caddis in a house made of fish eggs.